There are many different tips and tricks that can be offered when it comes to automotive care. These three tips we are about to offer are of what to most definitely avoid when it comes to your vehicle. While many think they may be saving money and automotive work by using these short cuts, the truth is you can cause more harm than good!


  1. Using Premium Fuel- While most think that they are doing a world of good for their automobile by using this high priced fuel option, the truth is it isn’t really doing anything but costing you more to fill up your tank. People may read the octane level listed next to the different grades of fuel at the pump and believe the higher the octane the better your car will perform.  Unless you have a super or turbo charged engine the octane number doesn’t really mean anything.

2. Cutting Your Springs To Lower Your Car- Many people like the look of a lowered vehicle as well as the improved handling. While there are different aftermarket parts that are made to fit your specific vehicle, some people believe that it is ok to simply cut a few of the coils attached to their vehicles springs.  While this does give you the desired lowered look you are after it can seriously mess with the safety and performance of your vehicle.

3.Having a “Friend” Work On Your Car-  While it may be very tempting to let your co-workers friends brother work on your car to save you some major money, it can actually come back to bite you in the end.  Having an unqualified mechanic work on your car can lead to more repairs and costly parts. It’s always best to make sure the person performing any work or service on your car is highly qualified and has some form of documentation to prove so.

We know that unforseen repair costs for your vehicle can leave you feeling stressed and tight on cash.  We also know that it is very tempting to perform shortcuts that seem to give you the desired end result.  However, when it comes to your vehicle taking shortcuts or the more affordable route is not always the safest and smartest idea especially.  The safety of you and others either in your vehicle or on the road with you depend on the safety of your vehicle.


So what exactly is all the hype about vinyl wrapping your car?  What is vinyl wrapping anyway? Enter in the new alternative to the traditional paint job. Taking over the car industry the vinyl wrapping craze is most probably here to stay.  With the ability to customize the design of your wrap as well as the introduction of color changing wraps, the versatility in vinyl wrapping your vehicle is endless. However, we are getting ahead of ourselves!  We sat down with a a vinyl wrapping company Based out of Orlando, Florida to get all the details on vinyl wrapping as well as the PROS & CONS, so that you may choose for yourself what is best for you and your vehicle!


Vinyl wrapping started as a process to help protect your car’s original paint. Basically a giant “decal” or vinyl sheet is digitally printed and then applied to your car.  In a sense your car’s paint absorbs the vinyl wrap. However, should you decide to have your wrap removed, your original paint job is left perfectly intact and often is in better condition due to being protected by the vinyl wrap.


  • Cost Efficient-  The cost of a vinyl wrap compared to that of a traditional paint job is a fraction of the price and you have the ability to completely customize your wrap .
  • ½ The Down Time- Vinyl wrapping can be completed within a day of two.  As long as you have your design finalized and your car is clean and ready to go the actual process takes ½ the time as a traditional paint job. Paint jobs have to allow for prep time, dry time between coats, and other tedious efforts should you be repainting your vehicle.
  • Protect You Paint- we mentioned this above but it’s definitely worth mentioning again. Vinyl wrapping protects the original paint of your car.  You can even add a clear coat to the vinyl wrap to protect the wrap and the original paint even more!
  • It’s Removable- Worth mentioning a second time as well.  You can have your vinyl wrap completely removed without any damage to the underlying paint.  With traditional paint jobs you have to permanently alter the original paint job and there is no going back.

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