Many vehicle owners if not all will probably agree that keeping your car looking like you just drove off the lot, shiny and new is high priority.  Whether you are an avid sports car collector or you just want to keep that $35,000 investment in the best shape possible, being that you will be driving around in it for a while, maintaining our cars appearance can be a tough task.  Why? First off we have all the external hazards that we are surrounded by everyday. Think debris from other vehicles, dirt, etc. Coupled with weather conditions, dings in the supermarket parking lot, your car is in constant contact with foreign items that can scratch, dent and damage your car’s exterior.  Next we have wear and tear from everyday use. Most people wash their car regularly, perhaps have it detailed from time to time and either pay to have a wax job done or spend a lengthy amount of time doing it themselves. Not anymore. The average paint job is just that, average, these days. With innovative techniques constantly being developed when it comes to the way we “paint” a car is amazing.  Think vinyl wraps and nanoceramic coating. Vinyl wraps have become popular for its customizing abilities, chrome, and matte finishes. It’s a lot more cost friendly than a normal paint job and doesn’t actually alter the original color of your car. Nanoceramic coating on the other hand is slowly gaining awareness and becoming a sought after service, but not everyone is exactly sure what it is and if it’s really cost effective and necessary.

HyerQuality Detail, a Tempe based company in Arizona, gave us the details of what nanoceramic coating is and what it can do for your vehicle.  Nanoceramic coating is a glass-like shield that is laid over your cars paint. Almost like a really really strong top coat. In fact nanoceramic coating is about 5 times stronger and more protective than the manufacturer’s clear coat.  Not only will it add extreme shine, gloss and intensity to your vehicles paint job it does not wear off or disintegrate over time. Certified technicians, like those at Hyer Quality Detail, use a a special skilled process to fuse the protective ceramic coating to your car’s exterior.  In return the coating offers many great benefits including:

  • Acts as a water repellent
  • Offers UV Protection
  • Cost Effective
  • Eliminates the need for wax jobs
  • Self Cleaning
  • Deflects dings & dents
  • Vehicle stays cleaner longer
  • Acts as a weather protectant

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