Limousines were once the hottest, most prestigious way to travel among wealthy bankers, businessmen, movie stars, let’s face it basically all of the rich and/or famous.  In fact in the 70’s and 80’s the demand for limousine services were at an all time high.  Stepping out of a limousine when attending an awards show, business lunch, or for a day of shopping upped your status quo, especially for those with “new” money.  However, after more than a decade as the world’s  most prestigious transportation the market began to shift.  Suddenly limousines weren’t so popular anymore and in their place were now town cars, vans and SUVs. During this transition A.H.A Technologies Corporation, one of the largest limo manufacturing companies and the top distributor of limousines to the United States went bankrupt.  There was just not enough demand for limousines and therefore the company started losing money on overhead and the cost to manufacture and run it’s facilities. Suddenly limousines were a thing of the past and there was a new era beginning of chauffeur services.  People were after more practical smaller car services that still offered the air of class, elegance, and prestige just in a smaller form.

Fast forward to the present and according to Hector with PHX Limo Service, Limousines are slowly but surely making a small but significant comeback.  Does it matter that the new and improved version of the limousine is a stretched hummer with flat screen T.V.’s., and in some even a Jacuzzi?  Or that the older standard version such as those made by Cadillac & Lincoln are now vintage sleek?  In fact Hector says the demand for “original style” stretch limousines among high school students has gone through the roof.  How did we not see this coming, is what I would like to know.  Bell bottoms came back in for awhile,

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