It’s safe to say that most if not all of us rely heavily on our automobiles to get us to work, do errands, drop the kids off at school, take family road trips, the list goes on and on.  What I’m sure most of us will agree with as well is, when our vehicle breaks or starts having mechanical, electrical or ac/heating system issues it’s inconvenient and not fun.  Not to mention repairs can be costly as well as making the time to get them stressful when added to an already busy schedule.  So what is it we can do as car/truck owners to help prevent repairs and keep our vehicles running effectively and safely?  Regular maintenance.  In fact these suggested maintenance tips are quick, easy, affordable and can even be done by yourself!


1.Regular Oil Changes-

-Quick and easy can be done at home

-Paying for one?  There are usually always specials at different shops

-Regular oil changes helps keep engine lubricated and debris free

-Helps protect against MANY costly repairs

-One of the most important things you can do for your car

2.  Coolant Change-

Regular(green) coolant needs to be changed every 24,000 miles, Extended life coolant changed ever 100,000

– Not changing coolant regularly and continuing to drive can cause Radiator, Heating Core, and Water Pump issues.

3.  Air Filters-

-Need to be replaced annually

-Dirty/Clogged air filters can result in AC/ Heating system issues.

4. Cloudy Headlights-

-For your safety & the safety of others your headlights should be reforming  at max capacity (especially during rainy,snowy, or foggy weather)

-Can be cleaned by rubbing toothpaste on headlight, letting sit for a few minutes and cleaning off with a clean towel.

-Headlight cleaning kits are also available at auto part stores

5. Corrosion On Battery Terminals-

Corrosion on battery terminals can lead to your car not starting

-Corrosion can shorten the lifespan of your car battery

– Puts stress on battery charging system & engine

-Can cause electrical & computer system issues within your car

-Use Coca-Cola or carbonated beverage to remove corrosion(also special battery corrosion cleaner can be purchased at your local auto parts store

Although car maintenance can be somewhat daunting at first, having regular maintenance performed on your vehicle will save you a lot of uneeded repair money in the end.  It will also keep your car running at peak performance! Create your own maintenance schedule that works with your busy schedule and make car maintenance a priority.